The Past, Present and Future of Clothing

The Past, Present and Future of Fashion


Fashion Innovation Centre

  • VR/AR future

  • 3D Fashion Design

  • 3D & Mixed Reality industry link

  • a VR museum

The Fashion Innovation Centre will create and promote future clothing solutions AR Runway and VR online dressing rooms.

3D pattern design is part of the future of clothing sampling, design and retail. The Fashion Innovation Centre teaches 3D Clothing Pattern Design.

FIC will become a ‘fashion university’ for the future. Creating talent to support the future of 3D design sampling, retail marketing, web assets and archiving of apparel. 

The Fashion Innovation Centre creates documentation and display for retail display, real and virtual museums and mixed reality displays. 

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Digital Production Creation

  • capturing ideas

  • creating artwork

  • virtual sampling

Value Added

• speed to market

• smarter design decisions

• flexibility

• sustainability

• sample reduction

• enterprise asset utilization

• future talent relevancy

• profitability

• archiving of fragile clothing


A Fashion Innovation Centre would help train people for these skills and provide talent and resources for industry, retail, museums and future applications with new technologies


'Flat' photography versus a recreation in 3D

Fashion Innovation by Documenting the Past

Design with CLO3D software

Design with CLO3D software


Education in 3D Pattern Design


Tomorrow’s designer is a central link in an interdependent supply chain, along which digital data flows.


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  • Up-skilling the traditional design roles.

  • Traditional clothing design to be replaced with new skills and collaboration

  • Companies must invest in the training

  • Academics and design schools should be involved

  • Museum archiving and interactive display

Value is to create talent with both fashion production and 3D skills


Customer Segments


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  • Mixed Reality clients that want the innovation of displaying clothing.

  • Customers that want AR digital merchandising

  • Education of 3D Clothing Pattern Design and Display

  • Online Display in 3D clothing for shopping

  • Liaison and education for the Fashion Industry

  • Display and archiving for historical fashion and VR exhibits


"We can say that the big difference with the 3D is that in 90% of the cases we can get to the final product using only one prototype."
Alberto Lovisetto, Designer


Mixed Reality Market Training


Augmented Reality

“The forecast is for 900 million AR-enabled smartphones by the end of 2018, according to consulting firm Digi-Capital.
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In that sort of world, there’s only going to be increased expectation from consumers. In fact, research from Digital Bridge shows that 69% of consumers now expect retailers to launch AR apps within the next six months.” 

Augmented Reality Is Set To Transform Fashion And Retail

Rachel Arthur

OCT 31, 2017


Fashion Innovation Centre of Vancouver